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Jeudi 29 avril 2021 à 11:24

in life we ​​meet people with whom we walk a long way, others with whom we share some strong moments and we separate.
Others with whom the bond breaks but we continue to see each other.
     I had never experience this type of feeling  till some years now, you have this bitter aftertaste, sadness to realize
that overnight a person with whom you have shared everything, turns around and shows you such a face
shocking that you can't believe it.
     Managing this feeling is a difficult thing because you don't know what you expect from these people, because it's difficult to think about trust, nor of mutual support, life just follows its course of sad way? full of tears? I do not know but surely full of unsaid. Especially that, coming from me, there are things that I will never imagine, neither say nor think about this person and that until today I am still shocked and surprised at such a thought coming from these people.
     But losing a real friend I think it's losing part of yourself, because that person was part of you,
the rate of consideration that you had towards this person remains suspended in the air like freezing in the time since it was someone you turn first  to  for anything.
I do not know about you, but I do not wish anyone to find themselves in such a situation, and I advise to the extent of possible try to correct the  misunderstanding, at least try to do so. In my case it is so complicated that there is no way to do it.


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